Hi my name is Leanne and I own The Labrador Store & More located in Beach Haven, N.J. on Long Beach Island (LBI). I opened the store in 2004 with my black Labrador Retriever Kino. He was the one who inspired me to do the store. He is no longer with me, at 13 1/2 years old he passed. We had a great life together. I have a new black Lab named Buoy, he's now 5 yrs old and he is always in the shop with me. You will find him on the sofa or on the floor in the way. You may have to step over him, you know how that is.
        Dogs are my passion especially Labs. My goal is to pass on my passion to other dog lovers. I just want to say to my loyal customers THANK YOU for your support. I enjoy meeting you, swapping dog stories and learning how to make our dogs have better lives. I look forward to seeing you every year. You are more than a customer.
        In launching my new website, I look forward to meeting new dog friends. We carry merchandise for over 100 different breeds like Duck Toller, Bichon,Portuguese Water Dog. At this time I cannot showcase everything on my website but I am starting with my best selling items that are unique to my store. I have created some items that you will not find in other stores. I thrive to find new and unique merchandise for you to enjoy. I often buy things having certain customers in mind.
        I know the people who come into my store, their dogs have the best life, because how they talk about them. We love our breeds and ours are the best, it's true. The rescue parents, you are the best to take a dog out of the shelter and save it's life and give it the best life that they deserve. Thank you!
        In closing, I appreciate your support, if you are ever on LBI, please stop by and say Hi.

The Labrador Store & More
11106 Long Beach Blvd.
Haven Beach, NJ 08008-1816

Telephone: (609) 492-4008